The football director valued Benito Díaz, Ormaetxea or Denoueix

Roberto Olabe

Roberto Olabe

Luis Mari Unciti

Roberto OlabeFrom his experience in Qatar or Ecuador, he has another perspective to “contrast and assess” the project of the Real that he described as “different, special and unifying”. And far from getting medals for the current model, it had a historical recognition to its predecessors. “Benito Diaz was a forerunner in changing the game system. Then we had Ormaetxea which proved that the three heights is not something modern or that the trident could have been Idigoras, Satrústegui and Lopez Ufarte. People like Toshack spoiled the outer rails, Raynald Denoueix made us love the pass but talked about ‘vitesse’ until we reached the transition with Montanier O Eusebio

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