Ohio State, Georgia, Michigan, as well as Florida State are still ranked first through fourth in the College Football Playoff.

Ohio State, Georgia, Michigan, as well as Florida State are still ranked first through fourth in the College Football Playoff.

The new College Football Bowl rankings, which were released on ESPN Tuesday night, kept Ohio State as the top team.

The other eight teams in the rankings stayed the same from the previous week. There is still room for change in the following rankings, though, as this weekend has two top-10 matches.

No. 2 Georgia plays No. 9 Ole Miss at home, and No. 3 Michigan goes on the road to play No. 10 Penn State. First, they beat No. 14 Missouri last week, so now they have a chance to beat two top-15 teams in a row.

Michigan has the 111th best strength of schedule in the country, so this will be their first chance all season to face a ranked team. That would be a nice addition to their resume.

Even though they didn’t play well toward Pitt last weekend, Florida State held at No. 4, and Washington stayed at No. 5 after beating USC on the road.

After the loss, the Trojans were no longer ranked in the top 25. The Huskies beat the Ducks, who had their only loss so far, so Oregon was right behind them. Texas is in seventh place, and Alabama is in eighth.

“We did a good job.” “We showed up to practice the next week, so we took it personally,” Oregon quarterback Bo Nix said about the loss to Washington on ESPN’s rankings show.

“The continued repetition we’ve enjoyed and the improvement that we’ve demonstrated have resulted in us in a good spot.”

The most recent College Football Playoff rankings over the 2023 season came out on Tuesday. No. 1 Ohio State is still ranked as the best team in the country.

On January 1, the playoffs will be held at the Orange Bowl within Miami Gardens, Florida, as well as the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.

Should the playoffs start today, No. 2 Georgia will face No. 3 Michigan in one of the semifinals, and No. 1 Ohio State would play No. 4 Florida State within the other.

Even though they beat USC 52–42 last week, Washington stayed No. 5 in the polls. It will be hard for the Huskies to get into the top four because they have tough games coming up against No. 12 Oregon State or No. 18 Utah State.

Over the next month, other games between several of the strongest teams will probably also change the playoff picture.

On November 25, top-ranked Ohio State while No. 3 Michigan will play each other again in a Big Ten grudge game that will have an impact on the top four teams.

The second version of the NCAA College Football Playoff Rankings came out on Tuesday night. The top four teams—Ohio State, Georgia, Michigan, or Florida State—stayed put, with all four still unbeaten.

Not only that, but the top eight teams all kept their rankings to a week ago, and all of them won their tests last Saturday.

Due to the quality of their wins last weekend, some people thought that Georgia might pass Ohio State for No. 1 as well as Washington might pass Florida State for No. 4. However, the CFP Selection Committee stuck to their ranks.

Just behind all four are Washington and Oregon, which have both won all of their games and are out of the playoffs.

The Huskies have already beaten the Ducks in a game this season. On Saturday, both teams play tough games at home. No. 5 Washington plays No. 18 Utah, and No. 6 Oregon plays USC.

In 2021, Cincinnati started the year ranked sixth in the CFP and went on to be the first Group for Five team to make the playoffs. On Tuesday, Tulane is ranked 23rd, making it the highest-ranked Gang of Five school.

The Green Wave won’t be able to make it to the playoffs because of that, but Tulane would be in the best situation to get in as the highest-ranked possible Group of Five champion when the field grows to 12 teams in 2024.

The group didn’t do anything very exciting this week. Because they lost at Oklahoma State, Oklahoma fell eight spots for No. 17. Oklahoma State went up by seven to No. 15. People moved the most in either way.

But things are going to change. I thought Washington would beat Florida State this past weekend, but they haven’t done it yet.

But if the two teams keep winning, it has to happen. Let’s take a look at their leftover plans.