“Oh, for God's sake”: the question about the pansexual bullfighter who has scandalized Susanna Griso

Between the groom on the run Juan Ortega and the bullfighter who has recently declared himself pansexual, the bullfighting world is in the conversation of the pink chronicle, and not pink. Susanna Griso He commented this Monday on his Antena 3 program on the right-hander's statements Mario Alcaldewho at 31 years old aims to gain followers for bullfighting within the LGTBIQ+ collective (he wants to set up a bullfighting club in Chueca, the Madrid neighborhood of the collective).

Juan Soto Ivars, collaborator of Public mirror, has given his opinion on the matter: “The world of bullfighting is dominated by a certain cliché and needs a stimulus to make it more sympathetic to the cultural authorities of this country.” Miquel Valls, for his part, has asked the following question: “Do you think there are people who are going to stop going to the plaza when [Mario Alcalde] toree?”.

Griso, upon listening to him, spontaneously blurted out: “Oh my God”. The presenter, who has aroused the attention of her collaborators due to her effusive reaction, has explained the reason why this question has surprised her: “The question seems justified and timely to me. What I'm saying is that, indeed, for color tastes, and if that is a problem…”. And he has summarized the Madrid bullfighter: “He wants to do a little proselytizing. He says that he talks to LGTBIQ+ people who don't like bulls and that, when he tells them, they end up finding them somewhat attractive”.

About the cliché that bulls have, Ruben Amon has also said: “Relating it to the conservative is Vox's fault for thinking that this is a question of identity”. Regarding this, Soto Ivars has released: “Sabina [de izquierdas] “He has always gone to the bulls.”. Regarding the question raised by Valls, Amón has stated: “I understand that your question is about a sector that is ultra-conservative and is the one that explains why the bullfighters have had a hard time getting out of the burladero”.