Official: San José and Beñat will not continue in Athletic

Athletic has announced what was already an open secret. Two of its iconic players will leave the team's discipline at the end of the season. Mikel San José, 31, and Beñat, 33, will put an end to his career at the Biscayan club. Two weight players during these years, whose end was long taken for granted. In fact, a few days before the end of their contracts on June 30, the two players released a statement in which they stated that, despite the fact that their contractual commitment expired and there was no official position from the entity, they declared themselves as players still at the coach's disposal until the season officially ended.

Athletic Shield / Flag

San José and Beñat also expressed their dissatisfaction with the way their situation had been handled, but in no way did they want to be a problem for the team. “Although it may seem the opposite, it has not been an easy decision. The heart and the head manage everything in all aspects of life and based on this, decisions are made, also in professional football and especially in Athletic The head told us one thing and the heart the opposite, “they said. The outcome was already an open secret that Athletic has put in writing in a loving way.

“Athletic Club today communicated to its players Mikel San José and Beñat Etxebarria the decision to end their professional relationship at the end of this season. Given the impossibility of giving them a farewell according to their merits before the public of San Mamés, Athletic plans an action in the last game at home, against Leganés, as a tribute to both, “says the announcement, noting in its opening that they are two players” with a fantastic career as lions. “

These are two footballers who have been active in the Biscayan youth team who have been part of Athletic club in two different stages. Now, with the freedom card in hand, they will look for equipment for the next season.