Official: Arturo Vidal, to Inter

“I want three Champions in three years.” The phrase of Arturo vidal As soon as he landed in Barcelona in the summer of 2018, he echoed through the four walls of the Camp Nou. This is the Chilean, an excessive player who came to replace Paulinho and that He leaves without fulfilling his dream of conquering Europe despite having given everything as a Barça player and having given a higher performance than that denied by his detractors.

He played 96 games for Barça, scored 11 goals, gave 10 assists and he was one of the few who put his heart in the last two seasons when they were badly given. In recent times, and when it was already known outside of Can Barça, Vidal was tough with the team's decline process and asked, in a phrase that generated much controversy, that Barça forget its DNA because football is turning to a more physical game.

Barça announced the transfer of the Chilean to Inter Milan, which pays the symbolic amount of one million euros plus bonus. The Barça club manages to save the player's file, which signs for two years with Inter, and takes off some salary pressure after the departure of Ivan Rakitic. Of course, Pjanic arrives with a good contract from Juventus and we will have to wait for the signing of Memphis Depay to also take place.