Odom: “I can only compare the loss of Kobe with that of my son”

MADRID, Jan. 27 (SportsFinding) –

The former American player Lamar Odom, who was a teammate of Kobe Bryant for seven seasons, has explained that he can only “compare” the loss of his “brother” with that of his son of just six months a few years ago, regretting that his death It has arrived “too soon.”

“God has taken my brother too soon. I know I have been through my own things in life taking drugs and not being good to myself. When I was in a coma, if God had come to me and told me that if he took me We forgive Kobe, I would prefer that that had happened, “Odom said in a message on his social networks.

“Of course, anyone who knows my story knows that I have suffered a lot of losses, but the only loss with which I can compare this is when I lost my son,” the former Lakers player added. “Our relationship was not a father / son, it was more like he was a teacher and I was his brother. I'm glad to be the ying for your yang when it comes to costumes. It was a pleasure,” he said goodbye to his friend .

On how he received the news of the fatal helicopter accident, Odom explained that he could not even “catch his breath” upon learning. “I only knew that if he was in a helicopter accident he would be the one to survive. He would somehow have jumped and landed on his feet,” he said.