Ocampos: “The goalkeeping coach told me to stay between the three posts”

The great protagonist in the victory of Seville, Lucas Ocampos, celebrated with a smile the three points added to Eibar. The Argentine scored the winning goal and had to become a goalkeeper after the injury of Vaclik for, in stoppage time, make a stop before a shot … from the rival goalkeeper! Dmitrovic, who had gone up to finish off the last play.

“I always like to become a goalkeeper, when we do a reduced game in training and each one goes wherever they want, I usually do it but I did not think that I was going to play in a game,” said the Sevilla scorer, who revealed the keys that He kept in mind after accepting the challenge: “The goalkeeper coach gave me some instructions, he told me: don't make the mistake, stay between the three suits! And that is what I have tried ”.

For Ocampos, without a doubt, it was a special game that will keep in your memory. “The weirdest for sure, but yes, the most special. It is key for us to get a super important advantage. Sometimes it is difficult for us to close the games and we had to suffer, but we won and we are happy. ”

The Argentine explained that his dedication in the goal was for a family member who is fighting against the coronavirus.