Obregón, on another bitter day 13 without Aless: “I asked God to give me a man who would love me forever and you were born”

May 13, 2020 was the worst day in the life of Ana Obregon y Alessandro Lequio. The young Aless Lequio lost his life after two years suffering from Ewing’s sarcoma. On the 13th of each month, the protagonist of Ana and the 7 Remember your son on social media.

“Aless, I asked God to give me a man who would love me forever, whom I could also love forever. And then you were born,” he wrote this Sunday, August 13, next to a carousel of images with his son.

This Wednesday, the presenter once again became the protagonist of the heart press by posing in Hola with little Ana Sandra in her arms while she repeated her classic summer pose. The little girl was born on March 20 in Miami, where surrogacy / surrogacy is legal. The girl, according to Ana, was conceived with the preserved semen of her son who died three years ago.

Ana’s decision to expose her daughter – granddaughter in magazines in exchange for financial compensation generates a great debate. Especially since, decades ago, she fought in court for children to be pixelated in the media. Despite everything, she defends that famous parents have the right to show their children in networks or magazines if they wish.