Obregón and the heartbreaking message to his mother after presenting his dramatic book: “I wish you had met your great-granddaughter”

Ana Obregon presented this Wednesday at the Hotel Palace in Madrid the book in which she tells her heartbreaking story as the mother of Aless Lequio. Hours later, she again flooded Instagram with her posts. One of them, a message in tribute to her mother who died of hers, on the day she would have turned 97 years old.

“Happy birthday, mom. I know that you are celebrating it with dad, the love of your life, and with your beloved grandson Aless, but I want you to know that on the other side of the subtle veil that separates heaven from earth is your daughter who loves you infinitely and your great-granddaughter Anita that I wish you would have met”, he wrote.

And has added about the small Ana Sandra Lequio Obregónwho was born on March 20 in Miami through a surrogate (with Aless’s semen samples): “She has the same sweet look as yours and Aless’s. I never forget, nor will I forget, all the love you have given me as a mother, which is what I tried with my son and now with my granddaughter”.

Ana Obregon’s mother Ana Maria, passed away in May 2021 at the age of 95, about a year after the young entrepreneur’s death, at the age of 27, from Ewing’s sarcoma. This Wednesday, as we said, Ana presented in the capital The boy with the shrews.

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The book has a part written by Aless during his illness. The rest, most of it, is the story from Ana’s point of view. Alessandro Lequio criticized on Wednesday people who see this story as something “fantastic”: “That a 27-year-old boy dies is not a wonderful story, It’s the worst of terrors.”

Ana, at the book presentation, even spoke of the possibility of a film based on her experiences: “It’s a tragedy script with a happy ending.” The arrival of Ana Sandra into the world evidenced the tension between Ana and Alessandro, who for the moment has not visited his granddaughter in La Moraleja. According to Obregón, the last will of her son was to have children even after death. A version that has never been confirmed by the Italian count.