Oblak unseats João Félix as Atlético's most valued player

Knowing the valuation of a player is a good way to know what price it can have for potential buyers. A widely used tool to find out how much a player costs is the specialized website Transfermarkt, which takes into account several factors to determine the value of a player at a specific time. Further, from time to time the web adjusts prices (they can go up, down or stay the same) and that can serve as a guide to know the situation in which a player is.

Athletic Shield / Flag

In some countries, like Spain, there are rescission clauses, which is the price that each club sets for its players and for which any club could sign them without having to negotiate. However, in most cases they are exaggerated figures that do not show the real value of that footballer. For example, Thomas' signing cost Arsenal € 50 million, while Transfermarkt valued him at 40 million at the time, so you could say that the 'gunners' paid a surcharge of 10 million (20%).

Recently, specifically last day 8, Transfermarkt performed an update on player ratings (the last was in April). In the case of Athletic, it has been produced some relevant changes in the ranking of the most expensive footballers in the rojiblanco team. In the last appraisal, the most expensive footballer of Simeone's was João Felix, with 81 million euros, followed by Oblak, with 80 and Saul, with 72. However, In the new classification the leader is the Slovenian goalkeeper, who has become worth 90 million, while the Portuguese has lost a million and is now second with 80.

Also in third place on the podium there has been a change, since, although Saúl remains, his price has fallen to 70 million and this has caused Giménez, which has risen in value from 56 to 70 million, equals him. The next in the ranking is the captain, Koke, which has also experienced a increase in your valuation, in passing from 48 to 60 million euros. They close the Top10 I gave it (remains at 50 million), Llorente (retains its price of 40 million), Belt (it has increased its price from 32 to 35 million), the last signing, Torreira (still worth 30 million) and Trippier (remains at 28 million).

Has been two other price increases in the mattress template, apart from those already mentioned. Is about Carrasco (from 22.5 to 25 million) and Grbic (from two to seven million). However, up to 10 Atlético players have lost value regarding the last appraisal of Transfermarkt. Besides João Félix and Saúl, they also have Philip (from 25.5 to 25 million), Savic (from 25.5 to 20 million), Luis Suarez (from 28 to 18 million), Lemar (from 24 to 18 million), Diego Costa (from 14.5 to 10 million), Vitolo (from 14.5 to 10 million), Vrsaljko (from 12 to 10 million) and Herrera (from 16 to 10 million). For its part, Beautiful (20 million), Manu Sanchez (8 million) and Saponjic (1.20 million) they are worth the same as in April.

Four players in the eleven most valued of LaLiga

Atlético has several footballers who are positioned in the privileged places of our league championship in relation to the Transfermarkt appraisal. For example, Oblak is the second most valued player in the league championship, only behind Messi (100 million), while João Félix is ​​third, although with the same appraisal as Griezmann and Ansu Fati. Giménez is in eighth position in this classification, although tied with Valverde, De Jong, his teammate Saúl and Varane.

In fact, in the LaLiga ideal eleven made from the players with a higher price according to the aforementioned website, the rojiblancos have four footballers (the same as Barcelona and one more than Real Madrid). Training is a 4-2-3-1 and the goal, how could it be otherwise, occupies it Oblak. The defending is composed of Carvajal on the right side, I gave it on the left and Varane and Giménez of centrals. In the double pivot appear De Jong and Valverde, although could also be Saúl, since it has the same price as both. The line three behind striker form it Messi of extreme by the right side, Ansu Fati by the left-handed and João Felix in the playmaker. He ram is Griezmann.

Among the best internationally

Atlético players stand out in economic terms not only in LaLiga, but also if we compare them with other competitions. By positions, Oblak is the most expensive goalkeeper in the world, surpassing Courtois and Ter Stegen (both valued at 75 million euros) and Alisson (72 million). Among the centrals, Giménez is third in the ranking, only surpassed by Van Dijk (80 million) and with the same value as the second and fourth (De Ligt and Varane). As for the left backs, Lodi is also in a privileged position, since ranks third in the ranking, behind Alphonso Davis (80 million) and Robertson (64 million) and surpasses names like Lucas and Theo Hernández (45 million) or the Madrid player Mendy (40 million).

In the midfielders, Atlético has two among the 10 most valued (Saúl and Koke), What are they fifth, tied with third (Valverde) and fourth (De Jong), and ninth, with the same price as seventh (Goretzka) and eighth (Verratti), respectively. Kanté (80 million) leads, like Pogba, and, in addition to the aforementioned, stands out Milinkovic-Savic (65 million) Arthur (56 million). For its part, João Félix is ​​the most expensive midfielder, matched with Dybala, and well above Muller (35 million).