Nuria González stops Fernández Tapias’ children: “He left everything written and well tied up”

The wake and cremation of the shipping businessman, who died last Wednesday at the age of 84, revealed the family rupture between the five eldest children of Fernandez Tapias and his widow, one who began in 2019 and who was believed to have already ‘more or less’ overcome. Everyone is now waiting for the opening of the will of Fernando Fernández Tapias, who leaves a fortune estimated at 3,000 million euros. The first prepare for a judicial war and the widow warns: “My husband left everything arranged and in writing.”

According to Paloma García Pelayo, Nuria Gonzalez She is “aware” of the complicated situation she will have to face but she is not worried: “She is very calm, she knows that what is coming is not easy but she feels protected and supported. She tells me ‘My husband made everything very clear.'” Regarding the accusations of her stepchildren, who claim that it was Nuria’s environment that distanced them from her father, she responds: “Let them wonder why their father sued them.”

And, after his death, Fernández Tapias leaves a trial pending against Juan Carlos and Sandra, born from his second marriage with Juana García-Courel. “He appointed them to management positions in several of his companies and he saw movements and signatures that he did not like. That’s why he sued them,” they said in YAS.

Finally, Nuria affirms that she is completely focused on her two children, Iván (20) and Alma (16), who are devastated after the loss of their father.

family war

The war began in 2019, when Fernando, Iñigo, Borja (the result of the marriage between Fernández Tapias and Chiqui Riva de Luna), Juan Carlos and Sandra (born from his second marriage with Juana García-Courel) filed a lawsuit to legally incapacitate him after certain business movements in favor of Nuria González.

The court ruled in their favor and partially incapacitated Fernández Tapias, assigning the legal-administrative decisions to Florentino Pérez and the medical decisions to his widow. Since then, the businessman cut off all relations with them, a statement that some (such as lawyer Santiago Ortiz) deny: “It was not he who took his children away from him, it was others who took them away.”