Noemí Galera reveals how Chenoa faces this new stage after her separation from Miguel Sánchez Encinas

Four days after confirming his unexpected separation from Miguel Sánchez Encinasand after breaking his silence and ensuring that it is not a definitive breakup, but rather a temporary decision motivated by the incompatibility of their respective professions, Chenoa reappeared publicly this Wednesday at the presentation of the new edition of Triumph operationin which she will be a presenter.

Calm and smiling, Chenoa spoke of the excitement she feels about serving as ‘master of ceremonies’ for the program in this new stage on Amazon Prime Video, but did not make statements -he didn’t even admit questions- about his separation from the urologistwhom she married on June 17, 2022.

However, although the singer was tight-lipped about her private life, her friend Noemí Galera -director of the famous Academy of OT– He also did not comment on the artist’s breakup, although he did reveal how he faces this new stage in the reality: “He is very excited.”

“She knows the format perfectly because she has experienced it from the inside, she knows perfectly well the feelings that the contestants may have and she is more than prepared,” she explained. And, according to Galera, the singer “has callous on television and is in her element, she seems natural and human.” “She is very focused on what she has to be focused on.”, she has many boards and is excited. “Totally,” she settled.