Noah charges white athletes: “His silence bothers me”

The sports world continues to mobilize against racism after the death of African-American George Floyd because of the brutality of the Minneapolis police, which led to multiple protests in various cities in the United States and the rest of the world.

However, some prominent figures believe that many athletes have not done enough to denounce situations of racism that are still being lived in many places in the world.

One of these voices has been that of Yannick Noah, the last French tennis player to win Roland Garros, who in statements to France 2, stressed that everyone's involvement is necessary to tackle this problem. “It is okay for young people to worry but it bothers me that they are all mestizos or blacks. Why? It is an injustice that we should all be sensitive to. My children are mestizos and the last one is blond and is moved, like me and like his brother who is much darker. It is a problem that affects us all. There have been more or less resolved cases. I'm sure the police do their job well, but sometimes we support bad apples. “

Noah regretted the little involvement of white athletes in these protests to give visibility to racism that still persists in many countries. “The silence of the white athletes bothers me. As a mestizo I am reassured that we are talking about injustice. It is always a black man but there is also a generation of young white men who realize that this is their future and do not want to live in this world. “