No sign of Pietro Costanzia on Juls Janeiro’s 21st birthday: everything about the young woman’s big day

The daughter of María José Campanario y Jesulín de Ubrique turned 21 this Thursday. For her big day, the young woman published on her Instagram profile, where she has 211 thousand followers, a photograph from when she was little and a tender self-congratulation, where she highlighted the importance of family and friends. her. In the writing of Juls Janeiro There is no hint for Carlo’s brother, Pietro Costanzia. It must be remembered that, after the young man’s arrest last March for an alleged attempted murder with machetes, it came to light that Juls and Pietro had been in a relationship for a month.

Although the congratulations are free of sentimental hints, the right-hander’s first-born daughter took advantage of her birthday to highlight the importance of family and friendship. “Thanks to my friends and especially my family, for always being there and never letting me go. I love you, without you it wouldn’t be the same“said the young woman.

Likewise, Juls Janeiro confessed that this year has been wonderful and was grateful for how loved she has felt by everyone around her. “Grateful for another year and also grateful for everyone around me. It has been a wonderful year in every way and I couldn’t be happier to be able to celebrate another year with the most special people in my life.“he commented.

This publication by Juls on her social networks comes after María José Campanario’s anger last March. The dentist, after seeing that her daughter was becoming the talk of the news for her alleged relationship with Pietro Constanzia, exploded on her Facebook profile and recalled that her pulse will not tremble when filing lawsuits, since, as dictated a judge, his daughter is an anonymous character.

“For the photographers and media who have not yet found out: my children are anonymous people because a judge has ruled that way. We ask you again not to photograph our children. Thank you very much. That said, see you at the obligation to communicate that, if we continue with the persecution of the anonymous people in our family, we will continue to file the corresponding lawsuits that are appropriate. Whoever warns is not a traitor, he is a warner. Then do not complain to me and such.“said María José Campanario.