'Nines' of uncertain future

The transfer market is almost stopped, except for Abramovich's Chelsea, and hardly any money is spent. The COVID-19 pandemic It has generated a containment in spending due to the uncertainty about what may come in the future and clubs prefer to save. Only PSG, who had the obligation to decide soon for Mauro Icardi, and the Naples, who disbursed € 70M for the Nigerian Osimhen del Lille, have encouraged the market for center forward. There have also been other movements but of less relevance: Callum Wilson to Newcastle (€ 22.2M to Bournemouth) and Jonathan David al Lille, from Gent in exchange for € 32M. Given this situation, the unknowns crowd on the future of several 'nines'. As soon as one of them signs for another club, it will cause a domino effect that will unlock the rest.

Luis Suárez (Barcelona)

The Uruguayan, at 33 years old, faces his last year of contract. ROnald Koeman does not count on him in the new Barça project and a way out is sought for him, that won't make it easy. Even the good condition of one of his knees is already questioned. Juventus has knocked on his door and has become very close (You must pass the Italian exam, level B1 to be EU), but there are other interested teams (Atlético is pending but their high salary is a great impediment). It is not even ruled out that another campaign continues in the culé team. Friendship with Messi plays in his favor. In the friendly against Nastic he was not even called up and now he is more outside than inside.

Lautaro Martínez (Inter Milan)

The Argentine is the wish of Barcelona, which tries in every possible way to get Inter Milan to accept the offers presented by the 23-year-old footballer. Italians, for the moment, are blunt in their stance not to sell, although Antonio Conte's interest in Arturo vidal it can bring the poses closer together. The negotiations are going for a long time and his signing, if it occurs, can be done at the limit of the market closing. If it is not in 2020, it will be culé in 2021.

Edin Dzeko (Rome)

The Bosnian striker is always on the agenda of several clubs to strengthen his forward. With a contract until 2022, His good scoring numbers open the doors for Juventus, Atlético and Inter. At 34, his future in the Roman team depends on the movements between forwards since Nobody wants to make an excessive financial effort for a tip of a certain age. Juventus continues to be in the lead to join Cristiano and Dybala. If Dzeko leaves Roma, would leave spectacular figures with more than 100 goals scored.

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Edin Dzeko.

Arkadiusz Milik (Naples)

The Polish has the poster of transferable by Naples. De Laurentiis opened the door to a good offer, since the 26-year-old striker ends his contract at the end of the season and the Neapolitan club is facing the last opportunity to get a profit from its sale. Everything was almost closed with Juventus but the arrival of Pirlo to the Vecchia Signora bench paralyzed the operation. The Pole has also sounded to reinforce the athletic front since It is to the taste of Cholo Simeone, but at the moment it cannot arrive at the numbers that Naples requests. Roma would go for him to make up for Dzeko's eventual departure. Its future is closer to Italy than to Spain.

Edinson Cavani (without team)

The Uruguayan decided not to continue in the ranks of PSG and at 33 to undertake other challenges. Nobody could imagine that at this point in the season his future is submerged in uncertainty. Benfica seemed like the ideal destination but everything fell apart. His high transfer premium may be one of the reasons he has yet to find a team. Atlético, which was already close to signing him in winter, is very aware of his steps although the domino effect that can be unleashed at any time in the European forwards can definitely place him elsewhere. Turkey has emerged as a suitor in recent weeks. Other clubs open to signing a tip are the Juventus and Tottenham, which have the Uruguayan on the radar. Where you go will be important.

Diego Costa (Athletic)

The Hispanic-Brazilian may be the surprise exit from this transfer market. Diego Costa has one more year of contract with Atlético, although if the club wants to make money it must sell it now. He has scored only 17 goals in the two and a half years in his second stage and at 32 years for 33 it seems that he no longer has a fundamental role in the athletic forward. Your salary can be a drawback in this stage of wage containment. The market value of Diego Costa is 14 million and has sounded for several clubs of Italy (Milan and Naples), England (Tottenham) and Turkey (Galatasaray). Benfica is also very attentive to the situation of the forward. He is not the Diego Costa of yesteryear, although he still has a good poster in European football.

Álvaro Morata (Athletic)

The Spanish seemed happy in the ranks of Atlético but not to be the undisputed starter in the rojiblanca forward at the restart of the competition has created doubts in Morata. In addition, Juventus has appeared to ask him about his predisposition and the forward does not see with bad eyes returning to Turin, where he already played. The rojiblanco team would only let the forward go to a great offer meanwhile, the whole bianconeri wants to include in the operation Bernadeschi and Douglas Costa among others to lower the price.

Alexandre Lacazette (Arsenal)

The Frenchman's name is always associated with Atlético del Madrid when talking about his possible departure from the team gunners. At 29, and with a contract until 2022, his role in the new Arsenal of Arteta is no longer so decisive. Despite the fact that the Spanish coach tries to quell the rumors of a French march: “He is very happy here and wants to continue contributing to the team.” The truth is that the footballer before a good offer would think an exit from the London entity. It has a large market and Italian clubs such as Premier teams can undertake their signing. Lacazette would like more a new experience in Spanish football that in Serie A. For now, his future is gunners. “I am really happy at Arsenal”, but during these remaining weeks of the market a lot can happen.

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Alexandre Lacazette.

Olivier Giroud (Chelsea)

After renewing one more season with Chelsea, his name has come to the fore in recent hours to reinforce the Juventus forward. The departure of Higuaín, to Beckham's Inter Miami, has left a void that the Serie A champion urgently needs to fill. At 33 years old, the Frenchman says he knows nothing about the interest in statements collected by Telefoot: “I'm a Chelsea player, it's flattering to get the attention of these kinds of clubs but I'm focused on Chelsea“For the moment, at Stamford Bridge, he trailed Werner and Tammy Abraham to gain a place up front. Chelsea is open for sale for an amount close to € 5M. In winter he was about to go to Lyon but Benzema prevented him.

Mariano Diaz (Real Madrid)

The Real Madrid attacker continues in a dead end. At 27 years old, with a good salary and with a contract until 2023, it is very difficult to leave the white entity. Zidane has already told Mariano that he is not in his plans but the footballer for now He has absolutely refused to pack his bags. Benfica was the last club to knock on their door but they did not listen. His high record is an obstacle, which scares interested parties, and in the white entity he has Benzema and Jovic ahead. Your situation is not easy to unlock if there is no 180 degree turn. He continues to believe in succeeding in white.

Raúl de Tomás (Espanyol)

At 25 years old, the situation of the Spanish attacker is not at all comfortable. He arrived as a star signing at Espanyol, after breaking all records with the 20 million paid to Benfica, but the relegation to Second of the parakeet club makes him an uncomfortable player for Espanyol due to his high profile and his contract until 2026. Raúl de Tomás seeks destiny and they are several clubs in Spain, England, Portugal or Italy that can make a final effort to hire. With a clause of € 60M that is very difficult to pay in these circumstances, a transfer could also be made. The spar He already spoke of the interest of Atlético de Madrid if the other options for the forward fail.