Niewiadoma: “The climbers will have opportunities to decide the general classification of La Vuelta Femenina by”


Polish cyclist Kasia Niewiadoma (Canyon//SRAM), recent winner of the women’s Flecha Wallonia, has assured that stage tours require “greater strength” than the classic ones, and believes that in La Vuelta Femenina by, which It will be held from April 28 to May 5, “climbers will have many opportunities to decide the general classification.”

“The way of competing in a stage event is much less tense than in the classics, but requires greater strength uphill: in fact, in La Vuelta Femenina by the climbers will have many opportunities to take the general classification in their favor,” he said in an interview for the organization of the Catalan test.

In addition, he assured that when one prepares for the classics one works on “certain aspects intended to have more ‘spark’.” “Changing the chip in just six days to adapt to longer efforts and a different style of competition is quite complicated. In the past, in fact, I would not have started thinking about the laps until the classic period had ended. This year However, I was able to concentrate on Teide during the month of March to work on both objectives. I think I am in very good shape, anyway, I expect a very tough race,” he said.

Regarding the Catalan round, he assured that it is “very nice” to see how it has grown “from the four-day format to this year’s eight stages.” “It is very noticeable how we receive more and more attention, and how well organized the race is. I have very good memories of last year’s edition because of how hard the course was and the visibility we enjoyed,” he stressed.

Niewiadoma also acknowledged that he “loves” Spain. “I have many good memories linked to Spain. When I focused on professional cycling, I moved to Girona. First I lived with a partner, and then I met my partner, with whom I continued residing in the city. Two years ago we moved to Andorra because Girona was a little saturated with cyclists and we felt we needed a little personal space outside of the ‘world’,” he said.

The Pole on Wednesday broke a drought of 1,770 days without achieving an individual victory, from the fourth stage of The British Women’s Tour in 2019 to the Fleche Wallonne in 2024. “I hope that this victory serves to inspire many people who are currently pursuing dreams without achieving them. I have failed many times, swimming to die on the shore, and I have never stopped believing in myself. The reward for our efforts is always there, waiting for us,” she noted.

“There are other people who inspire me, in many aspects of my life, and I feel that the actions and words of other people can greatly influence me. That is why I want to be a source of inspiration for others. It is much better to achieve something and share joy and happiness with others rather than keeping it to myself. I like relationships to be bidirectional: giving and receiving. It’s a beautiful way to see life: sharing both the good and bad moments of your life with others. life,” he continued.

In another vein, Niewiadoma revealed that three figures are his inspiration. “Firstly, my best friend, Marianne. Secondly, Elisa Longo Borghini: she has overcome so many setbacks last season, that everything was against her, and yet she is performing at a very high level. I love racing against her Our ways of competing are very similar. For years we have been facing each other in the best of ways, happy for each other once we crossed the finish line, and I would like to continue like this for a long time. team, Canyon//SRAM, are a source of inspiration for me,” he said.

Finally, he explained that personal development “fundamentally happens in bad times.” “We all suffer this type of crisis, or downturn. Age also helps: the more you mature, the clearer you see what really matters and what unnecessary worries are. In my case, COVID made me realize to what extent I am in love of this sport. It came shortly after my last victory and, from then on, it seemed more and more difficult to achieve another one. I felt an enormous hunger for victory that made me reflect on what I could do to become the one. best cyclist in the world, seeking perfection like any person passionate about their work does,” he concluded.