NFL Week 8 Power Rankings: Following a resounding victory against the Detroit Lions, the Baltimore Ravens are rising.

NFL Week 8 Power Rankings: Following a resounding victory against the Detroit Lions, the Baltimore Ravens are rising.

Every squad that we place #1 in our rankings always seems to fall short the next week, sometimes badly.

The Detroit Lions, who we took a risk on last week by placing them at the top of the rankings heading into Week 7, are the most recent victims of the first-place curse. Of course, on Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens thrashed them by a score of 32 points.

We swear to utilize our ability to curse clubs by placing them at the top solely for good. That primarily entails applying it to the San Francisco 49ers.

Even though they were defeated by the Cleveland Browns last week, it was only due to a botched field goal, plus the widespread bad refereeing also played a part.

To be honest, even with the setback, they continued to be probably worthy of first place. We always own up to our mistakes, and in this instance, the 49ers are unquestionably the greatest team on the NFL right now, therefore we were wrong to demote them.

Jackson demonstrated that he can and will succeed under Todd Monken’s first-year scheme, which was intended to showcase a more potent downfield passing approach.

However, before Sunday’s thrilling victory over the Detroit Lions, it appeared to be lacking something every week.

The consistency was lacking, whether it was because of Jackson’s errors or the receivers’ numerous drops.

However, it was evident when facing the Lions, as Jackson played exceptionally well. A season-high 357 yards were passed for by him, along with three passing touchdowns and no interceptions.

Although he gained 36 yards & a touchdown on nine rushes, it was his second-lowest total of the year. Jackson averaged 15.1 yards per pass while completing 21 of his 27 passes.

That is unique material. The game was blown wide open by the Ravens as they scored touchdowns on each of their first four possessions.

With his play making the Ravens 5-2 and legitimate AFC contenders, Jackson is undoubtedly in the MVP debate these days. They defeated a strong Lions team this week, moving them into third in the Power Rankings.

Jackson signed a massive contract with the Ravens prior to the season, and his performance is justifying their decision.

Throughout his career, Johnson has proven himself to be an unpredictable passer who can produce spectacular plays but also has patchy spells of accuracy errors.

That has ended. With 200 passes or more, he has the second-highest completion % in the NFL (71.0), only surpassed by Tua Tagovailoa. This is the best completion percentage in his career. If the Ravens hadn’t allowed seven drops during a defeat to the Steelers, it would have been much higher.

The New England Patriots pulled off the biggest upset on the week in Foxborough, surprising the Buffalo Bills on a score in the final seconds to win 29–25.

The Baltimore Ravens easily defeated the Detroit Lions 38–6, capping one of the week’s most anticipated games as a lopsided contest.

In Week 7, the Ravens were not the sole AFC North club to triumph. In their respective games, the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers each won.

Biggest winners this week

Baltimore is moved up by five and in the final five for the inaugural time this season after their thrilling victory over Detroit.

Now that he has a strong receiving group, a pass-first play caller, and a respectable offensive line for the first period of his career, Lamar Jackson looks amazing.

Even after five years after his MVP campaign, Jackson’s game is only now beginning to reach its incredible potential. He is still a menace with his legs.

Revenge Of The Really Bad Teams

This week’s biggest surprises came from a few clubs who have been in the lower half of our rankings.

On Sunday, victories were achieved by the Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, and New England Patriots.

That may reveal more about their rivals than it reveals about them, but all three experienced a significant increase. The teams they defeated, meanwhile, received matching decreases.