NFL Week 13 props and picks: Eagles vs. 49ers

NFL Week 13 props and picks: Eagles vs. 49ers

As one-point favorites at the beginning of the game, San Francisco is now starting to get healthier. The Dallas Cowboys were destroyed by the Niners the last time they were healthy.

The 49ers were favored by the sharp money at minus-1 or minus-2 when the line initially released, but it lost some value when it reached the crucial number of 3.

The total now stands at 47.5. The Eagles play Dallas in a crucial game the following week. On offense, both clubs have scored exactly the same amount—310 points.

The Niners’ defense has been far superior than the Eagles’, allowing 76 less points than their opponent. That is the main difference.

Additionally, the 49ers have a far superior point differential all over the course of the season—plus-140 as opposed to the Eagles’ plus-64.

Both groups have been dominant. The Niners are undefeated in three straight games, while the Eagles have won five in a row.

The Niners’ more convincing victory is the sole distinction. Looking at the Super Bowl odds as of right now, both teams are equal at 50 to 1 to win the championship.

The Eagles take on the Niners defense, which is ranked in the top five overall the opponent yards per play statistic and is second best in the NFC behind Dallas, after three difficult games with the Cowboys, Chiefs, and Bills.

San Francisco sits eight spots clear of the Eagles, who are ranked tenth, in terms of offensive efficiency.

The 49ers-Eagles game in Week 13 is the focus of attention, despite the fact that there are many NFL contests with playoff significance.

In a rematch of last year’s NFC title game, Philadelphia (10-1) is a three-point home underdog against the 49ers (8-3). This season, only the 49ers and Chiefs have been favored in every game.

The Eagles recently defeated the Bills in overtime, with their defense playing 92 plays on the field.

After winning the previous three games against Dallas, Kansas City, then Buffalo, Philadelphia is now in a difficult situation. On Sunday night, they take on Dallas in Week 14.

San Francisco wins three of its last three and eight of its eleven games this season have had at least 27 points scored. Since the 49ers played on Thanksgiving, they will get more sleep.

The Eagles take on the 8-3 49ers at home as they continue their grueling schedule of formidable opponents. Like last year, many think this could be a sneak peek of this year’s NFC Championship Game.

Though he’s having a good season, Brock Purdy will be healthy for this game. Let’s examine the data to see what it says.

The two games after the bye have seen a decline in Brown’s output. Before the Eagles’ Week 10 bye, Brown had averaged over 111 receiving yards and 10 targets per game in the nine games played. He only totaled 45 yards in both of his games played after the bye.

Nevertheless, Brown led the team wit nine targets and was able to reach the end zone against the Bills last week.

Additionally, he leads the club in end zone targets with 11, more than twice as much as the next closest player.

If the Eagles want to score against a 49ers defense that leads the league in points allowed per game (15.5), Brown must be productive.

In terms of rushing yards per game, the 49ers and Eagles are ranked second and third in the league, respectively. This should indicate that in order for any offense to succeed, air attacks are probably required.