Neymar's long letter against racism

Neymar Jr. defends himself. The PSG forward wanted to hide from the controversy that arose after the tangana that marked the duel against Olumpique de Marseille and that ended with several players sent off, including the Brazilian.

After 24 hours, Ney wanted to vindicate his position after giving Álvaro González a slap, allegedly after receiving racist insults. For all this, the ex-azulgrana published an extensive statement in which he rejected any intolerant attitude on issues of race.

Neymar's extensive statement

“Yesterday I rebelled. They admonished me with red for wanting to hit someone who offended me. I thought that I could not leave without doing something because I realized that the managers would not do anything, or because they did not realize or ignore the fact. During the game I wanted to respond as usual, playing football, but the facts show that I did not succeed. I rebelled … ”.

“In our sport, aggressions, insults, are part of the game, of the dispute, you cannot be affectionate. I understand this boy in part. It's all part of the game, but racism and intolerance is not acceptable. “

“I am black, son of black, grandson and great-grandson of blacks too. I am proud and I don't see myself as different from anyone. Yesterday I wanted those responsible for the game (referees, assistants) to position themselves impartially and I understood that there is no longer a place for prejudice attitudes ”.

“Reflecting and seeing all the demonstration that happened, I am saddened by the feeling of hatred that we can provoke when in the heat of the moment we break down.

“Should I have ignored it? Today with a cool head I still do. However, my teammates and I asked the referees for help and they ignored us … That's the point! ”

“I accept my punishment because I should be part of fair sport, but I hope that” aggressors “are also punished.” Racism exists, but we have to stop it, no more, enough ”.

“The boy was a fool, and I acted foolish by getting involved in it. We need to reflect that black and white people are in the same conditions, the damage from the confrontation can be very damaging to both sides. Before God we are all equal ”.

“I am going to continue my path, which is to play soccer. Let's be in peace, you know what I'm talking about … I know what I did … more love for everyone ”.