Neymar’s father pays bail of one million euros for the freedom of Dani Alves

It didn’t take even twelve hours for the Brazilian footballer to get one million euros, the price that the Barcelona Court has set as bail to grant him provisional freedom pending the resolution of the appeal against his conviction. And it is that Dani Alves He has a friend and compatriot who has answered his call at his worst: Neymar.

The footballer, who shared the locker rooms of Barça, PSG and the Brazilian team with Alves, He has asked his father to collect the money and make it available to Dani’s lawyers for delivery to the courts.. “I can assure you that he already has that money raised, it was a loan from Neymar’s father. This is what sources very close to Dani Alves’ family assure me,” said Marc Lirado in This is life. “He has not received it. It will be tomorrow at nine when they will check if the transfer has been made and, if everything is correct, he will be able to leave prison at mid-morning.”

It is not the first time that Alves turns to his friend Neymar to ask for a loan. It was also he who provided the 150,000 euros that the convicted person deposited in court as compensation for the victim of sexual assaultin order to reduce their penalty by demonstrating an intention to repair the damage caused.

This Wednesday, the Barcelona Court agreed to provisionally release Dani Alves on bail of one million euros, while the appeals against the sentence that sentenced him to four and a half years in prison for raping a young woman in the nightclub are resolved. Sutton from Barcelona during the early hours of December 30 to 31, 2022. In an order, which has the dissenting vote of a magistrate in favor of keeping the footballer in prison, the Barcelona Court has agreed that the Brazilian player can be released from prison if he pays a bail of one million euros, surrenders his two passports – Spanish and Brazilian – and appears weekly in court, in addition to respecting a restraining order from the victim.