Neymar welcomes his second child: this is the peculiar name of the newborn

Neymar She welcomed her second child this Friday, October 6: Mavie. The newborn is the result of the relationship between the Brazilian soccer player and the model Bruna Biancardi. The girl was born in a Brazilian hospital while Neymar was in Saudi Arabia fulfilling professional commitments with her new team (Al Hilal).

“Our Mavie has arrived to complete our lives. Welcome, daughter! You are already very dear to us. Thank you for choosing us,” Biancardi wrote this Friday on her Instagram profile. Neymar also confirmed the great news through a heart emoticon in the post itself.

After the birth of their daughter, they both embark on a path of roses. However, Neymar and Biancardi’s relationship in recent months has been marked by alleged infidelities on the part of the forward.

During the last period of the model’s pregnancy, Neymar attended a party in Barcelona, ​​where he was seen with another woman in a very affectionate attitude. Given the media uproar, Bruna expressed her disappointment publicly. “I’m aware of everything that’s happened and, again, hugely disappointed,” she said.

The meaning of the name

Mavie, the name of the footballer’s new daughter, has a peculiar meaning. It comes from French (ma vie) and means “my life.” Both spent a season living in Paris, since the footballer played for Paris Saint-Germain.