“News like this feeds us all”

Dressed in black with glitter and tears in her eyes. This is how this Friday came in Terelu Campos on the set of Santi Acosta and Bea Archidona 48 hours after her daughter announced, exclusively, her pregnancy. “I come with the authorization of Alejandra and Carlo”, he has made clear. She was more than prepared to respond to all the criticism they have received in recent hours, for example, that of profiting from the news: “Let’s not be hypocrites, we all eat news like this”has said.

Terelu has confessed to being “very angry and hurt” for the comments he has had to hear on all the television programs and demands some empathy: “You can give your opinion on everything, disrespect and insult, no. I’m hurt and angry, you have to be tactful with a woman pregnant with her first child and you can’t say that my daughter lives off exclusives because it’s not true.”. And she has also explained why Alejandra, who two months ago said that she would not talk about her private life, has changed her mind: “Alejandra has been famous since the day she was born, not since last Wednesday, and I think they were responsible for announce it because they waited the recommended time. My daughter’s employment situation (in September they cancel This is life, the program in which she works) tipped the balance, because she is unemployed and is no longer alone, she is pregnant“. And he added: “I think it’s good because this way she can live her pregnancy without financial worries. I also tell you that there is no package, the magazine would have been happy to do it but there isn’t one.”

The presenter has confessed to having lived through some very complicated weeks: “I couldn’t share this with anyone because it didn’t belong to me, the worst thing was keeping silent.” And he recalled how he found out: “A few days after she found out. She told me out of the blue, I asked her how she was and what she was going to do and I told her ‘I’m going to be there, whatever decision you make’. Because There are decisions that, even if they are a couple, the woman has to make. They were very clear from the beginning that they were going to have it.” And she added: “I have not spoken to Carlo about the pregnancy. I know him very little and I did not want to put him in an uncomfortable situation.”

“He’s quitting smoking”

One of the fiercest criticisms that Alejandra Rubio has received these days is tobacco, a habit that she has not stopped despite being already in the third month of pregnancy. Terelu has stood up for her: “Smoking is always bad but there are times when cutting radically produces stress that is more harmful than smoking. She is working with her doctor to quit.”

He also wanted to make it clear that he neither has nor wants problems with Mar Flores, his mother-in-law: “I don’t have any war with her. We don’t have a relationship because we’ve never had one. Are we going to have one now? And what do I know! “.