News DC: the ideal calculation of goals that Zidane has done for Hazard

In November Eden Hazard began to take pleasure in the dynamics of Madrid. Their goals were very close, and Meunier made everything fall overboard. The Belgian player of the white team is newly recovered after three months off and the goal is to debut this Sunday in the Bernabeu before him Celtic. It would be his first time wearing the elastic of Madrid in the year 2020.

As you can tell Central defense, Zidane is clear that Hazard You can't say goodbye to the season with a bit in your locker. The Belgian reached the ranks of Madrid to score goals, and this function must be fulfilled to continue having that prominence that has enjoyed throughout the course. Eden is undisputed holder in the plan of Zizou, (leaving Vinicius as a substitute in each of the matches.)

Don't forget that Hazard already accumulated a goal in the preseason against him Salzburg. The goal was important, as it served to give victory to the team of Zidane (1-0). Despite this, what frankly counts is that it adds up so many in official competitions. His current figures are appalling, considering that much of his stay in Madrid He has spent it in nursing. Now that he is fully prepared to fight, the club has set some requirements to meet to conclude the campaign on a good note.

What he Madrid has asked Hazard is that it ends with a locker between 7 and 12 goals, although if the figure is higher than those numbers better. If your score indicates a lower figure we would be talking about a serious problem facing the goal. There are still four months left to finish all competitions, and demand Eden Adding 7 goals by the end of the season can be a good strategy so that the games do not suffer or are at odds. The Madrid is present in all tournaments except in the Copa del Rey; Thus, Hazard You have very open possibilities to follow the orders given.