News about Shannen Doherty’s health after revealing that she has brain metastases: “She’s fighting, there are ups and downs”

The actress Sarah Michelle Gellar has shared the last hour about her friend’s health status Shannen Dohertywho last June reported that, after being diagnosed with breast cancer, she suffered from metastases to the brain.

The interpreter of Buffy Cazavampiros told to Access Hollywood that the interpreter is “very good.” “She’s amazing. When they say warrior, it’s because “she is a warrior”he noted in the interview, warning that, despite this, the road is being difficult.

“She lives every day and is fighting. There are ups and downs and there are days that are more difficult than others. and there are some days that are not easy, but she is doing very well,” he added.

The Charmed actress has been fighting breast cancer that, in 2020, evolved to stage IV of the disease for which she recently had to undergo surgery.

Furthermore, added to this process was the divorce what he went through with the photographer Kurt Iswarienko, with whom he had been in a relationship for ten years.