New version of the accident of Victoria Federica and her horse: “Be careful, be careful!”

The versions about the incident that starred this Monday the daughter of the Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar at the April Fair are multiplying. At first he made sure that the horse of Victoria Federica He had stepped on a 22-year-old girl and the influencer hadn’t even bothered to ask her how she was doing, but this Tuesday the story is very different: “She saw the young woman approach the horse and warned her ‘Be careful, be careful!’ The girl didn’t listen and the horse stepped on her.”

Apparently, he already did it with a hind leg, so Vic did not realize: “If he had known that an accident had occurred, he would never have followed his path in his life, he would have stopped and interested in the young woman,” they say people in your circle The world.

They also assure that the young woman does not have common friends with Froilán’s sister, as was stated at the beginning, and that no one knows how she got Victoria’s phone number, which is why the daughter of the infanta did not respond to the messages. “The girl has been sending messages since yesterday but it took her two hours to tell what happened in Save me. That attitude says a lot about this girl, “they say. When the news spread to the media, both her father and her guardian, Nicolás Murga, contacted her to inform her and Vic called the victim to inquire about her .

The same sources add that the horse was not from Vic but from the Real Club Pineda, and that the horses have civil liability insurance that will take care of any incident, since it is mandatory in the April FairUnfortunately, this type of accident is not unusual. In addition, according to Y ahora Sonsoles, Vic’s tutor will accompany the young woman this Wednesday to Madrid, where she lives, and will take her to a private clinic to carry out all the necessary tests to guarantee her recovery.