New statement from the Arrieta family: “Stop re-victimizing Edwin, enough insults”

The family of the Colombian surgeon murdered at the hands of the Spanish chef in Thailand has sent a new statement this Wednesday. Twenty-four hours after the Thai police concluded the investigation and requested the death penalty for Daniel Sancho, the Arrietas are crying out for justice: “We want a speedy trial, that the sentence be condemnatory and, whatever it is, we will respect it.”

They request a “real family support” and they reiterate that they are “very hit by the loss of Dr. Arrieta.” They remember that, according to the Thai police, there is solid evidence that points to Sancho as the only culprit in the murder and they clarify that “Edwin is not guilty of his own death, so he should not revictimize himself by talking about his sexual condition because it deviates from the main debate.”

Finally, the family and their team of lawyers request the collaboration between Colombia, Thailand and Spain to face the criminal process and also “the injuries” that affect the memory of Dr. Arrieta: “The family wants to save the name.”

A request that, however, Sancho’s environment and his defense in Spain cannot satisfy: “It is very important to know the victim, what he was like, if he had threatened Daniel and his family, as he himself declared. Clarify the motive of the crime is key, knowing if Daniel was in a state of insurmountable fear.”