New setback for Isabel Pantoja: Fran Rivera freely attacks her in 'Friday!'

Frank Rivera will get on the bandwagon One Pantoja and will take over Telecinco's prime time this Friday. The bullfighter will be the next interviewee Friday!a program that premiered with the controversial statements of Angel Christ Jr about Barbara Rey and who continued with the story of One Pantoja about his time in Cantora. Of course, although the influencer spoke clearly, but with great care, about Isabel Pantoja, Rivera will use a harsher tone. At least, that's how it appears in the trailer that the network aired this Thursday.

“Peace is over for Isabel Pantoja.” With these words he advanced on his skirt We'll see the new installment of Friday! Very comfortable and speaking with a certain sarcasm, Fran Rivera speaks in the first images of the interview about his family relationships.

Son of Francisco Rivera Paquirri and of Carmina Ordóñez, the right-hander does not get along with the singer. In fact, when Kiko Rivera charged at her Deluxe Saturday Upon learning the truth about their heritage, both Fran and Cayetano were very close to the DJ. The three brothers had both been estranged, but they came together with a common goal: to support each other against Isabel Pantoja's alleged lies. 30 years of conflicts between the Ordoñez and the Pantoja were reinforced. However, the bond between the three has once again gone through ups and downs, although the war against the artist marked a before and after in their relationships.

A poisoned inheritance

When Paquirri lost his life in the bullring in 1984, he left a lot of money that had to be distributed in some way. There is talk of an inheritance of more than 6 million euros that was very difficult to administer as it had many parties involved: 45% went to Isabel, 40% to Fran and Cayetano, and 15% to her father and brothers. It was this distribution that motivated the disputes between both clans.

In his share of the inheritance, Pantoja kept the Cantora estate and moved there when the will had not yet taken effect. Ordoñez then initiated legal litigation against her, so that her husband's belongings would go into the hands of her children, who They demand capes, swords, crutches, suits… goods of barely material value but of great sentimental value.

This is a hard blow for the folkloric woman, who remains silent in the face of the comments that her entourage has been making about her on television. Additionally, the heart program managed to lead last Friday, December 9, the night with an excellent 16.3%.