New messages from Daniel Sancho are leaked to his friends after Edwin’s crime: “I’ve messed it up, forget about me”

Four days have passed since the entry into provisional prison of daniel sancho for the alleged murder and dismemberment of the Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta in Thailand. Before entering, from the very police station where he confessed to the crime, the son of Rodolfo Sancho He sent several messages to his closest circle. The last one has seen the light this Thursday: “I’ve messed it up.”

Daniel’s friends asked him about the veracity of the information that was coming to Spain and he answered emphatically: “It’s true, I messed it up.” And he added: “Forget me. I’m fine. I had no choice.”

In the same period of time, the grandson of Sancho Gracia sent other messages, as we published: “I’m sorry that you have to be one of those people who suffer from this. He was threatening both me and my family. I was defending my life and everyone I love. Someday you will know the whole truth.”

Daniel Sancho’s judicial horizon is very complicated. The police accuse him of premeditated murder, a crime that is punishable in Thailand with the death penalty. The strategy of his team of lawyers focuses on reducing the sentence to life imprisonment (he would opt to be extradited to Spain after serving a minimum of 8 years in prison in Thailand) and presenting as excuses for the crime the alleged death threats that Edwin would have issued to Daniel and his family, as the Spanish chef has revealed: “I was his hostage, he kept me in a cage. I was desperate. I was just defending my life and those of the people I love.”