New information about Kate Middleton’s reappearance: Kensington forces the photo after the latest rumors

The latest information about the state of health of the Princess of Wales has once again raised the concern of the British people. From “she is recovering well” to “she is very ill” barely ten days have passed and the threat of a new crisis of communication and transparency looms over the palace. At Kensington they do not want to repeat past mistakes and they know how to settle rumors that do not benefit them: a new image of Kate Middleton.

The ‘Trooping of Colour’ serves them the opportunity on a plate. This is one of the most important ceremonies for the British Crown, in which regiments from the national army and from other Commonwealth countries parade before Buckingham Palace. It will be next June 15 and it is tradition for the royal family to witness it from the balcony. There will be, as official sources have confirmed, King Charles III, undergoing cancer treatment. His daughter-in-law, in the same fight and absent from official events since last Christmas, could take a place next to him.

According to The Mirror y Daily Mail, William of England’s wife will not actively participate in the ceremony (she will not supervise the rehearsals on the 8th, as would correspond to being a Colonel of the Irish Guard) but she would be considering making a brief appearance with the rest of the family in the palace balcony. Obviously, the decision will depend on her state of health, but the princess is willing to make an effort to settle the rumors that her condition “is serious.” Of course, they assure that it will only be a sporadic appearance and that her recovery (based on treatment and rest) continues to be the priority.

“She’s too sick”

The alarms went off on May 31, when the biographer of Diana of Wales, Lady Colin Campbell, assured that “Kate is very sick and the treatment she is receiving is exhausting.“, that’s why he has to rest “to recover.” And he added a resounding: “It’s as simple as that, she’s too sick to be active.”.

Just one day before, Vanity Fair He stated that the preventive chemotherapy treatment was giving positive results and that everything is going as planned: “It has been a great relief to see that he tolerates the medication and that he feels much better,” said a family friend. “Of course, it has been a very difficult and worrying time. Everyone has devoted themselves to her: Guillermo, her parents, his sister and her brother.”

It should be remembered that Kate’s condition became known when the British Royal House announced on January 17 that she had undergone “abdominal surgery”, although they did not give any further details about it. Given the uncertainty that was generated around the princess and her true state of health (especially as a result of the famous retouched photo), Kate herself ended up revealing, on March 22, that she suffers from cancer.

2024 is being a very complicated year for the British royal family due to the cancer that Charles III also suffers from. While the king, 75, has resumed his schedule and looks good in her public appearances, the Princess of Wales, at 42, remains withdrawn from her public commitments and is focused on her recovery.