New economic and professional setback for José María Almoguera, Carmen Borrego’s son

He’s on a bad streak. Upon his separation from Paola Olmedoquite traumatic because he would never have wanted it to happen, José María Almoguera It has to add a new setback. A few days ago he found out, like the rest of his colleagues, that in July he will lose his job. The program in which he developed production tasks, This is lifedisappears from Mediaset’s television schedule to give way to a new stage with Jorge Javier Vazquez in front. And of course, Carmen Borrego’s son finds himself on the street, with no income and no savings.

It is true that José María, despite being the son of the youngest of the Campos, and having entered television through plug-in, has earned the affection and professional respect of his colleagues and bosses over the years. and, in fact, he has been chaining one program to another, staying home on very few occasions.

But, as has been known Informaliathat at this moment the space they lead disappears César Muñoz y Sandra Barneda It is a huge blow for him, because he lives alone after his separation and has also rented an apartment in the center of Madrid for which he pays more than 1,300 euros per month. As soon as he broke up with Paola, the mother of his son, he was living between a friend’s house and that of her father, with whom he maintains an excellent relationship. He has been his lifeline countless times because with his mother, the relationship has never been idyllic. And now much less.

Since he decided to break off relations with Carmen Borrego, José María has not attempted a rapprochement again, despite the fact that both continue working on the same program. And therefore his mother is not an option for help. What they tell us is that they have crossed paths several times, from afar, at the Mediaset facilities but there has not been even a hint of communication. Borrego is dying to see his grandson and that is the only possibility of getting closer, for now. Obviously, Paola doesn’t want to know anything about her and she doesn’t have a choice either. In addition, Carmen also has a problem starting in July and that is that she is also left without her greatest economic support, which is her salary. This is life.

José María does not have savings and also has to help Paola financially, although she maintains her businesses and is not doing badly, because they have a son in common, Marc, who is barely one year old. So they tell us that for a few days he has been having a pretty bad time. His only option is for the production company, Cuarzo, to get one of the projects he has on the table and pursue it, but for now, everything is uncertainty for Carmen Borrego’s son and for all of his co-stars.