New 5 Gringo Casino Login Rewards Introduced for Players in 2023

It is common for modern casinos to encourage their players to visit regularly, but some of the platforms are taking the concept to a completely new level. A perfect example here Is 5Gringos, as the website has introduced multiple systems to reward its most active players in 2023.

Login Rewards

To understand the concept of 5 Gringo Casino login rewards, it is necessary to discover some of the website’s core systems, as they are all connected with each other. The list of such mechanics includes Coins, Shooting Gallery, and Bonus Crabs. Each of them is a separate system that deserves a separate description.


The first of the mentioned systems is the Coins currency available to all the players of the casino. There are multiple ways the players can earn and spend their Coins, but the process is much less complicated than it might seem.

There are four main ways to earn Coins at the casino. First of all, the users can make deposits and receive five percent of the transaction amount as coins on their account. Secondly, some of the tournaments on the website offer coins as rewards for reaching the leaderboard. Thirdly, the casino grants one coin for every 1,000 euros wagered. And last but not least, the website offers 5 Gringo Casino login rewards in the form of coins every day.

Once the players have acquired enough coins, they are free to exchange them for various prizes. The main option here would be to use the bonus shop, where the coins can be used for purchasing free spins or free chips with extremely low wagering requirements. The coins can also be used in the Shooting Gallery, which is a separate system that will be explained in the following section.

Shooting Gallery

Essentially, Shooting Gallery is a mini-game available to all the players at 5 Gringos. The players have to accumulate enough bullets to participate in the mini-game, and there are eight different types of bullets they can acquire. The main option to acquire these bullets is by purchasing them with coins that have been explained in the previous section.

Once the player has enough bullets, they can launch the mini-game, where they have to shoot ducks with a time limit. Expectedly, the players who reach better results will receive better prizes. The types and values of prizes also depend on the type of bullets, as more expensive bullets logically yield more generous rewards.

The rewards that can be earned in the Shooting Gallery are quite diverse. In this mini-game, the players can earn coins, acquire extra bullets, get free spins for some of the selected slots, and even earn cash prizes to their accounts. It is worth mentioning that the game is not entirely skill-based, and there are random elements that may also affect the results.

Bonus Crabs

The last feature on the website that is key to understanding the concept of 5 Gringo Casino login rewards is called bonus crabs. These are a separate currency that can be earned on the website, and it is much rarer than coins. The crabs are not given out as login rewards, although they directly interact with the bonus systems described previously.

The crabs are used to play a different mini-game that also yields various prizes. These prizes are actually similar to the ones available in the Shooting Range, as the players can earn free chips, free spins, and coins with their bonus crabs. The main difference here is that the crabs are much rarer, and the rewards are significantly more impressive. The players can get their first bonus crab from the welcome package, and use it to access other systems of login rewards at 5 Gringo Casino right away.