Nerves, personality and despair

The situation of Modibo
Sagnan in the Real it should not be simple. Imanol
Sheriff sent unequivocal messages during the preseason in which he made it clear that he did not have him, but he remained in the squad because the club did not find a replacement for Diego
Llorente good pretty and cheap. In training, his name is that the most pronounced by the coach txuri urdin, who does not stop correcting him and snoring him. When making the alignments, the marriage they form Aritz Y You

Normand it was indissoluble, the kind that only death separates. However yesterday, in the heat of warming, Aritz he noticed a puncture in his right quadriceps and Imanol had no choice but to turn to the Malian center-back to rebuild the rear.

Surprise in the 'eleven'

His presence in the 'eleven' surprised many, who had read the line-up minutes before without it betraying his presence. Some must have even thought that Imanol He had gone mad and immediately all eyes were fixed on the imposing figure of the Frenchman, who logically left nervous.

His first pass was a ball to the contrary and the second, a displacement with his right leg without apparent difficulty, went over the end line to give Napoli a corner. Oyarzabal She then approached him to try to encourage him. When many would surely have shrunk, Sagnan He showed personality to come up and show the central that can be.

The Saint-Denis man anticipated to cut a ball, looked for interior passes, the kind that jump lines, to save the pressure of Naples and even dared to drive inside full of power that did not take him anywhere, but that surely in a full Anoeta it would have started the applause of the fans.

In the second half Sagnan He continued to show signs of solidity, imposing himself in the few duels he had with the giant Petagna. The player txuri urdin began to gain credit, until the unfortunate action arrived that ended up deciding the game.

Politano pulled a diagonal from the right wing to the center, leaning on Bakayoko, and he released a very hard left foot that touched the head of Sagnan, who barely had time to react, seeing how the ball slipped into Remiro's nets. Instinctively he raised his hands to his head as he ducked in an obvious sign of despair.

Tonight it will have been difficult for him to fall asleep, but he will have to turn the page as soon as possible because surely on Sunday he will have to show again that Real has a center-back in its squad to trust.