Neither Piqué nor Shakira give in: the bitter battle they still have for their children

the war of Shakira y Gerard Piqué it is getting longer than a day without bread. After announcing their separation in June last year, they reached an agreement for their children in November. However, since then they have not closed an issue that worries them both and that is directly related to the vacations of their two children, Milan 10 years old and the little one Sasha Out of 8.

Every time the school holidays arrive the children are faced with a dilemma. They already agreed that 66% of this time was for Piqué and that 33% was for the Colombian singer. However, they still do not understand each other. Either because of the place where the little ones enjoy their days off or because of other problems related to the distribution of the days.

Lorena Vázquez explained this Wednesday on Antena 3: “That kind of negotiation they have for the holidays continues. They still do not agree on the holidays, for Christmas. They still have not ratified the agreement in Miami.” The artist moved to Miami with her two children in April. In order for justice to act there in the event of a misunderstanding between the two parties, it is necessary that this agreement be ratified there as well.

Despite the problem they still have with the holidays, the journalist maintains that there is already some peace between the two: “It seems that the relationship is not so tense.”

The little ones enjoyed part of their summer vacation in Spain with their father, although they did not attend their uncle Marc Piqué’s wedding in June. Now they are in Miami immersed in the beginning of the new school year. Last week, Piqué was photographed with Clara Chía in Croatia, to where they escaped on vacation with his parents.