Neither overdose nor drowning: the unknowns about the tragic death of Matthew Perry

The sad loss of the unforgettable Chandler Bing in Friends It has shocked the entire world. She was 54 years old and working hard to overcome her addiction problems and help others through her own foundation. The first results of the autopsy are inconclusive: the police have requested new tests and it will take four to six months to have the definitive results.

What this first report does rule out is death by drowning. Matthew Perry He was found in the jacuzzi of his house by his assistant, who had left two hours earlier to run some errands: buy his boss a mobile phone and some glasses. When he returned, the interpreter was unconscious and no longer showing vital signs. However, there are no signs of drowning: “he didn’t stay in the water for too long,” he says.

According to TMZ, the toxicology report provides another piece of information: there was no trace of fentanyl or methamphetamine in his system, so they rule out an overdose of illegal drugs. The police, in fact, did not find any in his house. He did find medications (antidepressants) that had been prescribed by his doctors, so the next step will be to study whether the doses that Perry consumed were appropriate.

Perry was in a good moment. Devoted to his foundation to help other addicted men, he practiced pickleball almost daily, a hybrid between tennis and paddle tennis that is booming in the United States. He had played a match the same morning of his death, at the Riviera club, and witnesses claim that he “was in a good mood” that day. His track partner revealed to TMZ that “he had been more tired than usual for days.” His personal trainer said: “He played every day and sometimes twice. He thought it was something that could help with his recovery and he was doing a fantastic job. He loved it. He always made everyone laugh. He was competitive, a good guy who He cared about everyone.”