Neither isolated nor tearful: Genoveva Casanova has a great time skiing in Andorra

The storm subsides and the friend of Frederick of Denmark He starts to stick out his paw. After taking refuge in San Sebastián and London from the media scandal surrounding the famous images of him with the Danish heir in Madrid, Genoveva Casanova He traveled to Andorra on the Constitution Bridge to enjoy a pre-Christmas getaway with a group of friends.

The Mexican, who suffered a pulmonary embolism last August, has had a very bad time in recent weeks, so much so that her doctors recommended isolation and tranquility: “She is disconnected, she doesn't even turn on her cell phone,” they said. Fortunately, the ex of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo He has already recovered his smile and showed it off, according to YASin a well-known ski resort at the end of last week. “He was skiing with a group of friends among whom Federico was not”they have stated.

Genoveva leaves but very discreetly and it is unknown when she will return to her home in Madrid. Christmas would be a good date to return to normality, although everything indicates that she could cross the pond to celebrate it, as she did last year, in her homeland, Mexico.

The philosopher wants to avoid media exposure for as long as possible. In fact, she has rejected a television project in which she negotiated her participation so as not to add fuel to the fire. It must be remembered that Genoveva has been one of the participants in the last edition of Masterchef Celebrityfrom which she became the first to be expelled.