Nehuén Pérez: “Diego Martínez stressed to me that nobody is more than the club”

Nehuén Pérez (Hurlingham, Argentina, 6-24-2000) has been presented as the new Granada player. This central defender is on loan from Atlético, who once paid 2.7 million euros for his transfer to Argentinos Juniors. He has a contract with the rojiblancos until 2024.

The presentation ceremony was introduced by the general director, Antonio Fernández Monterrubio, who addressed the defensto. “Thank you for trusting in this project and joining this family. The selection has delayed its arrival. Your adaptation will be very fast and you will help us to continue growing. This team is a family and they will welcome you with open arms ”.

Granada Coat of Arms / Flag

Fran Sanchez, the sports director took the floor. “My thanks for joining our project. It is a demarcation that we needed to sign and we are very happy. The best option was Nehuén. It was very simple because from the first moment he transmitted to us the will to come to our club. Last season he was at Famaliçao (in Portugal) with very good performance. Here it can continue to evolve ”.

And it was Nehuén's turn, who began by talking about his qualities. “I hope to do my bit to build a barn. I'm well placed tactically. I am strong but I have a lot to learn ”.

What should a central player have in Granada to play? “First interpret what the coach asks for, I am already under his orders. Having a personality like the one a center-back has to have and then each coach asks for his own and I will try to do what he asks of me ”.

Club references. “Everything happened very quickly to the latest in the market. From the club they spoke very good things to me. And all the people spoke highly of the club to me. That last year was the best in the history of the club and that brought me great enthusiasm. Being able to compete in Europe, which was something I wanted. It will help me a lot to grow as a player, which is what I want ”.

Atletico exit with the League already started. “Because it was something that I didn't decide. I have a contract with Atlético and they are the ones who make the decision. My idea was always to play and here from the first moment they called me they told me that I would have many opportunities. I really liked that because he is playing in three competitions. I am young, I need to play and that they continue to see me from the national team. This is a great site to demonstrate. “

Diego Martinez. “He called me on the phone and emphasized his humility, that nobody is more than the club, that all players are equal and that nobody is more than nobody else. I really liked that. It transmitted a lot to me. Then Fran remarked to me about humility. I come to help the team so that the club continues to grow and I try to do my bit ”.