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The effect of coronavirus, COVID-19, has also reached the world of NBA who has started working on a prevention plan with basic recommendations to players that will be implemented immediately.

The first being that of prevent players from shaking hands with fans when they wait for them to greet them or when they leave the field through the tunnels to the changing rooms or vice versa.

Nor should they use writing objects offered by fans to be signed by autographs if they wish to continue doing so or simply do not sign more during the duration of the coronavirus outbreak.

The league, through the office of the NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, has already sent an internal memo to all teams to also take into account the possibility that training and events outside the United States are limited or even canceled, due to the possible escalation of the coronavirus outbreak.

Because of this, the start of the 2020-21 season that is initially planned to take place in Japan It could be in danger and more after the Olympic qualification phase of baseball has already been postponed.

In addition, the NBA and the players' union have permanently consulted with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and infectious disease experts, including a renowned researcher at Columbia University.

According to the internal memorandum that the league sent to the teams, the NBA admits that “the coronavirus has created a situation that can change quickly“and insists that the health of the players, all the league staff and the fans is the primary objective of their work and protection policy, so the monitoring of the evolution of the situation is permanent and strict.

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