NBA: Shaquille O'Neal collapses when talking about his “brother” Kobe Bryant: “I wrote to my son that morning” | NBA 2019



Anaheim (United States), 07/07 / 2004.- (FILE) Los Angeles Lakers Kobe ...

O'Neal and Bryant, during their time in the Lakers.

Shaquille O'Neal, former partner of Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles Lakers, with those who won three NBA champion ringsHe gave an emotional speech during the special program that the TNT, where he is now a commentator, issued from the Staples Center from the city of California.

The pvot, faced Bryant during part of his careers After the goodbye of 'Shaq' of the Lakers on the way to the Miami Heat, he remembered his relationship with the escort, how much he took care of his son Shareef and how he learned of the news of his death.

“The last two months have been very hard for me. I lost my sister. I don't sleep well, I don't ro, I don't joke. When I return home and see the reality, I see that she is not there. And the other day … “, O'Neal began.” I was training with my son and my nephew, and another nephew came crying. He showed me the phone and said, 'Take that out of my sight.' I didn't want to believe it. Then, everyone started calling me … I haven't felt such a stabbing pain in a long time. I have lost two grandmothers, my sister and now another brother. It was a triple stab in my heart. First Kobe, then they said (it was false) that Rick Fox was in the helicopter, and finally the beautiful Gianna. “

'Diesel', nickname by which Shaq was also known, began to get excited: “People ask me a lot about our relationship and what I always say is that it's like the one I have with Charles Barkley. Two cold-minded men who meet And things are said. Respect will never be lost“I recognized.

Shaq and Kobe had made peace on a live show a few years ago, and their relationship had stabilized in mutual respect between the two, even if they didn't have a daily relationship. “Shareef, my son, called me devastated. Kobe had just written him that morning to see how he was. I did it from time to time. That made me think that we have to do more and wait less. Now We are no longer going to joke at the Hall of Fame ceremony, we are not going to say 'I have five and t four' rings, what would have happened if we had followed together in the Lakers … It's the only thing I want, to be able to tell you something. The last time we talked was at Staples, in his last game. I told him to put 50 and I got 60. I just wish I could talk to him again. “

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