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The team play for the first time on Friday after the death of Kobe Bryant, which is expected to be a night of strong emotions at the Staples Center

Bryant mural in Los Angeles.

On Friday it will be difficult to contain tears and undermine sadness. Presumably, being another one of those emotional nights under the roof of the Staples Centerwith half The Angels present, from the unconditional ones and those who gave themselves the luxury of calling him a brother in life, to those who loved him and those who still can't stand the idea that he is no longer there. According to the ESPN chain, Los Angeles Lakers they are working on preparing a tribute to Kobe Bryant In the first official match to play the team after his death last Sunday.

There is no official confirmation yet about whether they will be present or not, but it is known that the Lakers have contacted Vanessa, the player's wife, and with the Philadelphia genius family to coordinate Friday’s tribute. That after they were pronounced – finally – on the death of their franchise player for 20 seasons through Twitter, and that they decided to cancel the game that should face the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday.

“The Los Angeles Lakers want to thank everyone for the tremendous cascade of support and condolences. This is a very difficult time for all of us,” they wrote in the statement.

It would have been a drink too bitter for the template play on tuesday, and especially for its star, Lebron James, deeply affected after the death of his friend. On Monday night he was encouraged to fire him through social networks with a heartbreaking message. His first words describe his mood. “I'm not ready but here I go“On Friday you will have to face, not just the Portland Trail Blazers, but one of the hardest moments of his career.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles continues to pay homage to the deceitful deceit. The clebre Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard give him a prominent place to the plaque with his prints, despite being a place reserved for the great figures of cinema. In addition, his followers have left flowers at the entrance of the community where he lives in Newport beach, at the gates of the basketball academy he had founded in Thousand Oaks, in various parts of Los Angeles where murals with Kobe's face have been born, and of course, in front of the Staples Center, the 'zero zone' of tributes to the legend.

They look on the streets Taxis with the illuminated nen screen wearing the 8 and 24, the two numbers that Bryant played with the Lakers, and many athlete shirts. In East Los Angeles, where Latinos are older, those that have been put up for sale at street stalls have been sold out in the heat of the moment. Also Nike It seems to have had a lot of movement. Although ESPN initially reported that the brand had decided to stop selling the player's merchandise so as not to enrich itself with his death, a company spokesman confirmed to Forbes They have had to hang the sold out sign. The publication says that it is likely that they were low in inventory after Bryant's sudden death and the fact that sales had dropped significantly after his withdrawal in 2016.

Meanwhile, since the mayor of Los Angeles have already begun to plan the feverish events and the city's tribute to the athlete. Eric Garcetti has indicated that they will give all possible support to Vanessa Bryant and his family for that farewell. “He, like the ocean, like the good weather we have, it was an integral part not only how we see ourselves but how the world sees us. “

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