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He signs 36 points against the Clippers, but loses his personal duel with a stellar Kawhi Leonard (36), the Mavericks fall at home (107-110) and his partner Powell breaks the Achilles tendon

Dallas (United States), 01/21/2015 - Dallas Mavericks forward Dwight ...

Dwight Powell, lying on Dallas park.

Kawhi Leonard silenced Dallas in his own way: he signed 36 points. That is why the Clippers, despite the deployment of Luka Doncic, who likewise Leonard's score (added 10 rebounds and nine assists), ended up taking the win (107-110). But the tier of the Mavericks remained silent twice. One, with defeat. And another, at the end of the first quarter, to see lying on the park and screaming in pain to Dwight Powell. The Achilles tendon of his right leg had just broken.

Leonard, which also won the individual duel to Doncic, was always responsible for having the Clippers in front of the scoreboard and also secured the victory when after two shooting failures of the former Real Madrid player in the absence of 7.4 seconds for The end captured the defensive rebound.

The Clippers franchise player forz that Kristaps Porzingis, that he returns with the MaverIcks after being low for several weeks (10 games), he needed a personal and with six seconds to blow the horn scored the two goals that ensured the victory of the Angelino team with a 105-110 partial. Although Doncic scored then a shot in suspension and only served to reduce the advantage of the Clippers to three in the final score.

If the defeat was painful, much more was to see Dwight Howard (2.08) lying on the ground floor of the American Airlines Center in Dallas. The Canadian wing-pvot, headline in most of his team's games, averaging almost 10 points per game, went to the nurse supported by two people and with the Achilles tendon of his broken right leg. An abrupt end to his season and one less assistant to Doncic, on the day he recovered Porzingis.

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