NBA: An All Star by and for Kobe: change of system and t-shirts at 380 dollars | NBA 2019



The party of the stars pay a constant tribute to the Lakers star, his daughter Gianna and David Stern

A mural honoring Kobe Bryant in Chicago, home of the All Star.

Kobe Bryant He played in his career a total of 18 All Stars and is the second player who has done it most times, but this 2020 edition may add up as the nineteenth, because his presence in the United Center and throughout Chicago is constant. Already Friday and Saturday were especially emotional, with words of his belovedPau Gasol included in the opening of the event. On Saturday during the media attention of the protagonists in the game of the stars were many questions from the national and international press about how they mourned the loss of Bryant.

Since the journalist, athlete or event worker collects his accreditation at the hotel of the organization, Kobe is already present. The back indicates which zones you can access in the two pavilions next to two photos that shudder when you look at them, that of the Lakers legend and that of the commissioner David Stern. Two losses for which the NBA was not prepared, at least not in such a short time. From the first minute you see any of the accreditations and make it clear that it is the first All Star without them.

It's constant. Tributes organized at an institutional level, improvised, of professionals, of amateurs … if the Michael Jordan statue located in the United Center could talk ask who is that number 8 or 24 that all who are photographed next to her wear on the shirts. We can say that Kobe has conquered the temple where his referent made history in this basketball.

This Sunday promises to overcome it, because the impact is greater, and those who pay tribute will be their own companions and rivals, a large number of them also were personal friends of the Mamba and knew perfectly what it was to share track that special day together to l. Own Chris Paul I reminded him with a lot of pain in Chicago: “It's crazy, you don't believe it until someone asks you about it. I try to be busy, not to think about it, it's not real that he's gone.”

The break is also very special, is where the NBA plans to emotionally load the memory of the disappeared, both Kobe and Gianna, like David Stern himself. Singer Jennifer Hudson, a native of Chicago, to be in charge of carrying the main weight of the performance and thrilling the United Center.

Forever in the Hall of Fame

The weekend of the stars in the NBA always leaves us the usual announcement of the names that will be part of the promotion that enters the Hall of Fame in Springfield. It was an open secret that Kobe will be on the list but this Friday was confirmed. Along with him were included other illustrious contemporaries of his career as Tim duncan or Kevin Garnett. It was not what Kobe needed to be a legend, but rather a debt that the world of basketball had with him and his legacy in this sport. During his years of activity inspire in favor of basketball practice, regardless of borders, and his name is where it should, along with so many others who did it before.

System change to honor you

The figure of Kobe Bryant being present at every corner of the United Center, but one of the most relevant guides that the NBA will do to honor him is the change of the game system in Sunday's game. The previous model already shouted a change, but also the turn has been taken to pay tribute. The last quarter will not be played on time as usual, but there will be a winning basket of the team that reaches before the score marked as objective. That final figure is the sum of all points of the team that goes ahead plus the 24 points added in honor of Bryant's number.

There are many players who dress short tonight at the United Center and had a huge bond with Kobe. Starting on his own LeBron and following for each and every one of the generation partners that as friends enjoyed and suffered as rivals. The numbers they will wear will be 24 and 2, also in honor of their daughter Gianna. The shirt to wear a patch with nine stars as respect for the nine killed in the helicopter accident.

'Mamba Mentality'

It is not a new expression but it has become fashionable and is on the lips of, above all, the younger players. This Friday after the game of Rookies, many of them said they played with 'Mamba Mentality', always play hard and intense. The legacy of Kobe Bryant cal deep into the new generations, and is that many of those present in the party of promises had taken advantage of his time at the Staples Center to be photographed with his intent in the front row.

In addition to this are the cases of Bring young Y Luka Doncic, both were Gianna's dolos. To remember that image of Kobe speaking in Slovenian to the star of the Mavericks forever, to take a picture with his daughter. Kobe always influenced, but this group that begins to make its place in the league carry 'the poison of the Mamba'.

The Kobe T-shirt at a gold price

The organization of the event always enables merchandising stores that, as in every All Star, sell all the clothes and accessories that the stars of the league will wear in the different competitions. It is a very high source of income related to the local public, together with the sale of tickets they add a good pinch that make a huge profit on the final balance of the three days. In some cases, clothing from the host team that lends the pavilion is also on sale. But this time there is an exclusive article that has added urgently to the dossier of products and competes directly in sales for being the best seller, is the Kobe Bryant game shirt with the Lakers. The surprising thing about all this is the price, sellers do not shake the pulse when labeling it by 380 dollars, and some followers also when buying it. As always, the objects of worship entail a notable increase in price and Kobe has become the main claim today after his death.

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