Naty Abascal’s reaction to the request for nine years in prison for her son, Luis Medina

Last Friday we learned that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office has asked Judge Adolfo Carretero to open an oral trial against the businessmen Louis Medina and Alberto Luceño for the case of the masks in which an alleged fraud against the Madrid City Council is being investigated for the sale of medical supplies in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.

A piece of news that fully affects Naty Abascal and that puts her son back in the media spotlight, since he is accused as co-author of a continuous crime of aggravated fraud and another continuous crime of forgery in a commercial document committed by an individual. In addition, it is requested that both compensate the Municipal Company of Funeral Services and Cemeteries of Madrid with almost 8 million euros.

Hours later, we found the protagonist’s brother, Rafael Medina, in the Las Ventas bullring, and most surprising of all, he found out about the request from the Prosecutor’s Office through the press. “I just found out, I don’t know… I just found out, I have no idea about this, really” he replied when asked about it.

However, we have not heard from Naty Abascal. Until today. We have been able to ask him how he is after this information and the truth is that his reaction has not surprised us. He was serious and with his face completely immobile, she has responded with a slam of the door without saying a word.

An attitude of total secrecy that we also witnessed during the most turbulent months of 2022 when we learned of this media uproar. Naty has always wanted to stay out of the controversies that have plagued her life and this, as she could not be otherwise, she is managing it in the same way: with silence.