Natalia Almarcha's dart to Risto Mejide after their breakup: “Opening your eyes you learn more than opening your mouth”

Risto Mejide (49) y Natalia Almarcha They have definitively broken off their relationship. After a few comings and goings throughout this year, she put an end to her courtship last Saturday, as we anticipated. An argument was the last straw: “neither she nor she feels well treated or valued by a Mejide whose strong character is nothing new to anyone,” they said. The pharmacist, in line with her, did not want to give details but did launch a taunt at the publicist through social networks: “You learn more by opening your eyes than by opening your mouth.”

This Tuesday, journalists Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez provided new information about the separation. They have not spoken openly about the reasons that have led the couple to go their separate ways. (“It's something very intimate”) but they have made it clear that It has nothing to do with “economics”. They have also talked about third parties: “It's either that or some kind of personal imbalance.”.

The couple had had problems for months and it was a strong argument that led to a breakup. Apparently, the pharmacist asked the presenter for explanations Everything is a lie for a topic and he told him “No me atosigues”. A response that caused Natalia to decide to separate paths. And, according to the journalist, the issue is of such severity that it requires going to a specialized therapist: “You can not live like this”, the former collaborator of Save me.

It should be remembered that Risto and Natalia once again gave themselves a new sentimental opportunity at the end of September, for the third time in less than a year. Since the last reconciliation, they were very affectionate on social networks. He even asked her to marry him. However, the nutritionist's decision seems firm. This is what she herself has hinted at on her social networks with the publication of a story that she deleted after a few seconds and that many have interpreted as a hint to the presenter: “You learn more by opening your eyes than by opening your mouth”.

Now the break between the two is final. They neither appear in the images they had in common on their social networks, nor do they follow each other. She has even opened her own casting of suitors, sharing a screenshot of a conversation with a friend of hers, to whom she explained the number of men who wrote to her.