Naomi wins the least watched (and worst paid) Big Brother final but Luitingo melts with Jessica

Albert, Naomi y Luitingo The grand prize of Big Brother VIP 8 was disputed on Thursday night. Finally, Naomi won the title of winner thanks to the public's favor and also the support of many of her colleagues. “I'm shocked; I wasn't going to believe it until they gave me the briefcase,” exclaimed the winner after hearing her name.

To the rhythm of Rocky Balboa, as she had promised to say goodbye when she was still in the house, Naomi also thanked everyone who voted for her: “I wanted to tell you that thank you very much, sorry for thinking that no one understood me, you are a a lot, thank you very much, I needed this boost and I will be grateful for it all my life.

Luitingo, second placed, also congratulated his partner on the award: “Getting here was unthinkable, a semi-finalist is not a bad place, but she won because people voted for her and she deserves it.” Luitingo also thanked the support received in these months: “Thank you very much, I have tried to give my best, a second place is very good, but the first is better. If she is there, it is because she deserves it,” he said.

Luitingo and Naomi clashed after the election of Albert Infante as third finalist but the briefcase finally went to Naomi Asensi, who received it from Adara Molinero, the winner of the previous edition of GH VIP.

Naomi Asensi has been proclaimed the winner of GH VIP 8 despite the fact that she joined a month after her colleagues, and after the abandonment of other contestants. From the beginning it was seen that she had the support of the audience, the same one that with their votes has made her the winner of the eighth edition of the reality show, the least seen in history.

70.600 euros

Nor has the cash prize been as high as in other reality shows: the 70.600 euros The prize money is a good pinch but it is light years away from other loots achieved in previous years.

In fact, Luitingo has confessed that the best thing for him was not the money (which he did not take) but being able to meet Jessica Bueno. Kio Rivera's ex and Luitingo have starred in the great love story of this edition and during their stay in Guadalix de la Sierra we have seen how their friendship became true love. At least for the singer, who repeated that he felt adoration for Jessica Bueno. The model has not been so explicit when it comes to sharing her feelings, although she has admitted to living “a teenage love, so beautiful and so natural that she had never felt like that.” She and Luitingo have reunited and her conversation has been extremely romantic: “I see her and I lose all sense of her,” he said. “I love you,” Jessica answered while hugging each other between words of love. “I'm madly in love, I have very real feelings. It does me a lot of good, very happy,” he commented and said this to Jessica: “Looking into your eyes, I repeat, don't be afraid, I'm going to fight whatever I do.” is missing, I will understand you, I will be patient and if I can have you in my life, much better.”

Albert Infante, third finalist, confessed himself “super happy” for his third place. “Thank you, thank you. I'm taking the orange team from here, even though they fight more than anyone else. I'm taking Michael and many, many faggots with me,” Albert exclaimed through tears. Already on set, Infante explained how much his time in the contest has meant to him: “I have felt part of something. It has changed my life,” he concluded.