Nadine Kessler: “There is finally some noise between finals in women’s football”

FRANKFURT (GERMANY), Nov. 14 (dpa/EP) –

UEFA’s general director of women’s football, Nadine Kessler, has assured that the success of the last Champions League, which broke records, and this summer’s World Cup final have “finally” made “noise” in women’s football between final and final.

Kessler explained to dpa, before the start of the new group stage, that spectator records were reached in 20 countries, with more than 700,000 fans attending the matches, with an average of more than 11,000. During the season the final in Eindhoven was also sold out.

The competition, in its current format with a group stage, was created in 2021, with television broadcasts of all matches and prize money of around €24 million. A world record: 91,648 spectators witnessed FC Barcelona’s semi-final against German side Wolfsburg in 2022.

The former German player stated that the records have helped “create a competition that serves the development of women’s football throughout Europe.”

Kessler noted that Euro 2022 in England and this year’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand have also contributed to popularity, but that the Champions League and other competitions also play an important role.

“That also applies to the Women’s Champions League in between and the national leagues, which have also done a good job. There is finally some noise between the finals – of the big tournaments,” said Kessler.