Nadal: “With the expansion of the Academy we will make a great qualitative leap”

Rafa Nadal is closely following the expansion works of the Rafa Nadal Academy By Movistar, which are continuing in Manacor. Before traveling to France to play the Masters 1000 in Paris, Bercy had the opportunity to closely monitor the construction of the new covered pavilion that will house 3 new fast surface covered courts and 7 semi-covered clay courts. In the same way, it has had the opportunity to evaluate the progression of the new spaces for physical preparation, physiotherapy, psychology, nutrition and sports medicine, which will be located within the new construction.

Rafa himself has thus evaluated the growth of a project that has just completed four years: “It is clear that one of our pending tasks was to finish propping up the installation. We already had high-level facilities, but I believe that when the expansion is completed we will have a center that is going to make a decisive qualitative leap. We will expand the dirt tracks and we will expand the covered tracks, something that for us was a pending issue and very important in order to provide the proper service. The adults who come here to spend a week will have the certainty that they will be able to train and also all the boys and girls who are here throughout the year, that they will not miss training days. With which now in total we will have ten covered tracks, which will give us great tranquility in every way to be able to give a better service and also to be able to organize events with much more tranquility. It is a very important but totally necessary investment. I think it will give us a qualitative leap that everyone will notice: children, adults and all the people who come to visit the Academy. “

After the extension, the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar will have world-class sports infrastructures For use by both the international public and the Mallorcan people. After its expansion, planned for the coming months, the complex will have the following facilities: 19 open-air fast surface courts, 15 open-air clay courts (7 of them will be built in 2021), 4 covered surface courts hard, 7 semi-covered clay courts, a soccer field, 7 outdoor paddle tennis courts, 6 indoor paddle tennis courts, a Padbol court, 2 squash courts, a semi-Olympic pool, an outdoor pool, Center Fitness and Spa