Nadal will line up drums instead of plastic bottles

One of the most curious images of the second day at Roland Garros will undoubtedly be that of Rafa Nadal lining up jerrycans with water and energy drinks, instead of plastic bottlesAs he has done throughout his career. The reason is that in France, a new law prohibits the free distribution of this type of packaging at sporting events, with the aim of preserving the environment.

Each player has been given several personalized transparent bottles, which they can fill with their drinks both in training and in games in dispensers, like the ones journalists use in the newsroom. Incidentally and conveniently, these bottles bear the advertising of Perrier, one of the main sponsors of the tournament. The use of other bottles is allowed, as long as they do not carry labels. It is one of the changes that the Roland Garros organization has introduced under the new direction of former tennis player Amelie Mauresmo.

One of these variations also affects journalists, who can no longer enter the player area, except for the express and very sporadic permission of one of them. Not even members of the International Tennis Writers Association (ITWA) can pass al Playersexclusive employment for competitors and their teams.