Nadal, prudent: “This year, more than ever, I must go day by day”

Happy after scoring his first victory in this edition of Roland Garros, Rafa Nadal spoke to the media and spoke cautiously about his feelings and what to expect from him in the tournament.

What he said in Rome: “It was a difficult moment for me, without a doubt, and it doesn’t change anything I said, I just talked about my current situation. At this point in my career I don’t have to hide anything or come here to play cat and mouse. No It was a heat of the moment, and I keep it. I have my doctor here with me and there are possibilities to do things that help me compete. “

Match rating: “It has started more or less well, with a more or less resounding victory. I have to recover my game plan and that happens because my ball speed can damage and, if not, force the rival to play with risks to try to hurt me. You have to fight in every way, at every moment, to find the solution to the problems that may come up, especially tennis solutions. This year, more than ever, I have to go day by day”.

What needs to improve: “I need to improve in every way. I think I need to improve my movement, at times the speed of my forehand, which I think could be better and should be better. It’s true that I did things well, for a while I was good.”

The foot: “I got injured, and that’s it. What happened is over, and here we are. We’re at Roland Garros. I’m here to do my best. And my level of confidence doesn’t depend on how things could be or what would happen if I didn’t I’m going to get hurt, I don’t know. You never know. So I’m not a big fan of thinking about what could happen if… That “if” is dangerous. It’s time to accept the moment, to accept the situation and to have the confidence to put all my effort into each day, to get better and better. Let’s see how far I can go.”