Nadal 'goes' to golf

Rafa Nadal, in addition to tennis, has two other passions: the sea and golf. He likes it so much and his level is already so high that He will play the Professional Golf Championship of the Balearic Islands, from October 24 to 26, at the Golf Mioris in Mallorca. 60 players have entered the tournament, of which 23 are professionals and 37 are amateurs. It will be played on 54 holes, in the stroke play scratch mode, and will give points for the amateur world ranking.

“What would you like to do now?” They asked Nadal after lifting his 13th Roland Garros, that made the count of 20 in the number of Grand Slams to tie with Roger Federer. “Get back to normal life. Being at home, playing golf, going to the Academy, seeing people I haven't been able to see in all this time …”he replied. Y Last week he played a test of the Hexagonal-Autovidal circuit in Calvià with his academy team.

Nadal already has a handicap of +0.3, that is, a level considered professional. The handicap is the system that allows players of different levels to play the same tournament. I know starts with handicap 36. In other words, in a par 74, for a beginner it would be 110. The number two in the world has lowered it over the years to +0.3.

Nadal maintains a great friendship with Sergio García, winner in Augusta, and with Tiger Woods, whom he has gone to see play live and has invited to his box at the US Open. “I follow tournaments, especially when I'm at home”, has counted on occasion. There is no shortage of APPs from the American and European circuits on your mobile. “Golf does not allow you to lose focus, but you have time to prepare each shot”, also featured in an interview. It's not like tennis, where the judges watch your serve …

Nadal, after his foray into golf, will continue to play this season. It is confirmed in the Masters 1.000 of Paris-Bercy (from November 2) and in the ATP Finals (November 15-22).