Nadal and the complaints of the tennis players: “There are many people dying, we are privileged”

The Spanish tennis player Rafa Nadal once again praised the figure of the Swiss Roger Federer, a rival that has allowed him to have “a clear form” of what he needed to “improve” to achieve his goals, although he insisted that he is not obsessed with being the best in history in number of 'Grand Slams' conquered.

“Roger and I push each other to be better. Having someone in front of you who is doing many things better than you gives you a clear way of what you need to improve. to achieve your goals “, Nadal was honest in an interview with 'CNN'.

The world number two also did not forget that his relationship with the Basel man went beyond the track. “I think we always had a good relationship and a lot of respect. We did beautiful things together and important for our sport,” he confessed.

After winning his thirteenth Roland Garros, the manacorí equaled, with 20, the Helvetian in number of 'greats' conquered, but having one more is not something that takes away his sleep. “I did much more than I ever dreamed of in my tennis career. It would be incredible for me to win one more, but I know that this will not be the key to my happiness in the future, it is not an additional pressure and it is not an obsession, “he remarked.

Nadal also spoke about his personal life and acknowledged that he does not renounce paternity with his wife, Mery Perelló. “If children come, there will be a change. It is something that will probably happen in the future because we both want it,” he admitted.

Similarly, the Spanish tennis player said that athletes, due to their position, have an obligation “to be a positive example for society.” “It is important to send the right messages to the world and especially to young people,” he said.

In this sense, he insisted that tennis players who are living a harsh confinement in Australia to play the ATP Cup and the first 'Grand Slam' of the year should think more about what is happening worldwide. “I am very sorry for all of them, but when we got here to Australia, we knew that the measures were going to be strict because we knew that the country is doing very well with the pandemic,” stressed.

“It is normal to complain, but, on the other hand, you see how many are dying in the world, how many are losing their father or mother, without having the opportunity to say goodbye. It is something real, not philosophical, that is real life and that is what is happening in my country where people close to me are suffering from this situation, “he warned.

Nadal stressed that “it is a different situation than usual”, but that we try to look at the positive side. “At least we are here and we will have the opportunity to play. The world is suffering in general, so we cannot complain. I feel that today we are privileged people, that we have the opportunity to continue doing our job “, he sentenced.